Corps of Darby Advocates meeting

Call 614-288-0313 for info and meeting times


You are invited to join the Corps of Darby Advocates. The Corps is comprised of local landowners and others who want to take action to protect and remedy threats to the scenic, high quality Big Darby Creek and its tributaries. We are concentrating on comprehensive planning, trash prevention, ATV trespassing, fundraising and other topics.

We also have an educational component. We are starting the new year with a currently relevant topic.  Why is the Darby flooding?! Why does a 100-year flood seem to happen every few years? What effect does it have on the ecology of the creek and property owners? What can or should be done? We will have a panel discussion of the issues associated with flooding. The panel will consist of a long time landowner, environmental scientists and naturalists.

Directions: The lodge is in the Battelle-Darby Metropark.  From US 40, go south on Darby Creek Drive; after about 2 miles, look for the park entrance sign and take the first right when you enter the main entrance to the park off of Darby Creek Drive.


Opportunities for Darby Advocates

The Big Darby Creek and its watershed need your help!  The following are examples of work that Darby Advocates do that is critical to protecting Darby throughout the watershed.


If you can contribute, please contact the Darby Creek Association at 614-288-0313, or




Work to promote inclusion of Darby protection measures in comprehensive plans and local zoning and subdivision regulations.  Specific activities include:


        Attend planning meetings and track activities

        Promote and facilitate communication between local officials and governmental agencies and environmental groups in regard to planning.

        Review proposed comprehensive plan updates and provide input and comments

        Provide updates to DCA contacts



Monitor zoning activities and work to influence zoning decisions and zoning appeal actions.  Specific activities include:


        Attend zoning related meetings and public hearings

        Keep informed about proposals and issues before local Planning & Zoning commissions & BZA

        Promote and facilitate communication between local officials and governmental agencies and environmental groups in regard to specific projects.

        Provide input and comments on proposed development projects

        Provide updates to DCA contacts


Development and Land Use Activities

Monitor land use and development activities (agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial development).  Specific activities include:


        Keep an eye out for surveying, new construction, signage for proposed development

        Be on the lookout for inappropriate activities, discharges, apparent violations of environmental laws

        Report above activities to designated contacts and directly to government agencies as appropriate


Public Projects

Work to promote inclusion of Darby protection measures in public projects in the watershed (roadways, bridges, sewer systems, stormwater systems, water plants, wastewater treatment plants).  Specific activities include:


        Watch for public notices and communication about projects

        Provide input at public meetings

        Gather information from local officials

        Write letters expressing concerns to elected officials and government agencies


Volunteer Monitoring

Participate in volunteer monitoring activities, including qualitative and biological monitoring.  Examples include:


        ODNR Stream Quality Monitoring (SQM) Program


Darby-Related Projects, Initiatives, Events

Participate in DCA projects, initiatives, and activities in partnership with other organizations.


        Tree Plantings

        Creek Cleanups

        Educational initiatives


        Darby Day (first Sunday in October of each year)

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